Container lockhole coarse positioning and tracking method



The invention discloses a container lockhole coarse positioning and tracking method, and the method comprises the steps: an industrial camera which is arranged on a lifting device is used for collecting a series of container images for training, positive and negative samples in a part of container images are manually extracted, the positive and negative sample images are normalized, the industrial camera which is arranged on the lifting device is used for collecting the images of a to-be-detected container in real time, the area of approximate lockhole image region is calculated, the images are arranged according to sizes, the image region is calculated, according to the lockhole image region, a detection region is updated, the above steps are repeated to realize the tracking detection of the container lockhole position. The advantages of the method comprises: the method limited by the invention is adopted to be used for coarse positioning and tracking of the container lockhole, the lockhole position can be quickly recognized and tracked, so that a car driver can adjust the position of the lifting device at any time, the complete lockhole image can be accurately reserved, and the defects of interference lights and interference points in the environment, poor Hough line effect and the like are solved.




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