Touch information classified computing and modelling method based on machine learning



The invention relates to a touch information classified computing and modelling method based on machine learning. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring a touch sequence of a training set sample, modelling by adopting a linear dynamic system model, extracting dynamic characteristics of a sub touch sequence, calculating distance of the dynamic characteristics of the sub touch sequence by adopting Martin distance, clustering a Martin matrix by adopting a K-medoids algorithm, constructing a code book, carrying out characterization on each touch sequence by adopting the code book to obtain a system packet model, putting the system packet model of the training set sample and a training set sample label into an extreme learning machine for training a classifier, and putting the system packet model of a to-be-classified sample into the classifier to obtain a label for type of an object. The touch information classified computing and modelling method has the advantages that the actual demand of a robot on stable and complaisant grasping of a non-cooperative target is met, data foundation is provided for completion of a precise operation task, and other sensing results can be fused and computed, so that the description and recognition capability on different targets is enhanced by virtue of multi-source deep perception, and a technical foundation is laid for implementation of intelligent control.




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