Steadily fixing medical equipment clamp with propping-up device and holding device


  • Inventors: ZHOU LEI
  • Assignees: 牟少奇
  • Publication Date: September 21, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105945829-A


The invention relates to a steadily fixing medical equipment clamp with a propping-up device and a holding device. The clamp comprises a first clamping rod device, a second clamping rod device, a fastening device, the immobilizing device, the holding device and a propping-up device, wherein the first clamping rod device comprises parts such as a first vertical part, a first horizontal part and a first friction block; the second clamping rod device comprises parts such as a second vertical part, a second horizontal part and a second friction block; the fastening device comprises a first fastening device and a second fastening device; the first fastening device comprises a first rotary part, a first rotary shaft and a first fastening block; the immobilizing device comprises an immobilizing rod, an immobilizing piece, a second propping-up rod and a second spring; the holding device comprises a connecting rod, a third diagonal rod and a second holding rod; the propping-up device comprises a supporting block, a positioning plate, an L-shaped bracket, a propping-up block and a third spring. The clamp provided by the invention avoids secondary pollution of medical equipment and improves the work efficiency of medical care personnel.




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