Cross jumping board capable of controlling time and rapidly counting



The invention provides a cross jumping board capable of controlling time and rapidly counting. According to the technical scheme, the jumping board is composed of a timed measuring socket, a counter and a cross jumping board body, and the cross jumping board adopts cross jumping program design. The timed measuring socket is characterized in that a single-chip microprocessor chip and a special electric energy measuring chip are taken as cores, and the timed measuring socket is subjected to LCD display. The counter is characterized in that the number of pulses is counted, so that measuring, counting and controlling functions are achieved, and the counter is subjected to LCD screen display. The cross jumping board body is characterized by comprising a synchronous RS trigger, springs, a base, an elastic latex surface, a cross A surface, a cross B surface, a cross C surface, a cross D surface and a trigger central contact ball. The trigger central contact ball is fixed to the middle of the base and is connected to the synchronous RS trigger; the base is connected to the springs; and the springs are connected to four faces. The elastic latex surface is laid on the surfaces of the four faces, and the elastic latex surface is provided with a label that the A, B, C and D surfaces are integrated.




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