An alignment system for a cleat and a base assembly



A cleat and base assembly (100, 200) for permitting blind alignment and engagement to one another are provided. The cleat is disposed on an underside of a shoe sole and includes a forward cleat engagement edge (112) and a rearward cleat (114) engagement edge displaced at a distance along a longitudinal axis of the shoe sole. The base assembly (200) can be provided on a bicycle pedal and includes a forward base engagement edge (212) and a rearward base engagement edge (214) configured to releasably retain or couple the forward and rearward cleat engagement edges, respectively. A pair of guides (116) are disposed at angles relative to the longitudinal axis of the shoe sole, the pair of guides (116) converging at opposing sides of one of the forward or rearward clear engagement edges to permit blind alignment and engagement of the cleat to the base assembly.




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