Attachment management system and method of task-based multi-platform information aggregation system



The invention relates to an attachment management system and method of a task-based multi-platform information aggregation system. The attachment management system includes the following modules of: an attachment establishment module used for establishing attachments belonging to a task, wherein the attachments come from a task platform and/or an external platform; an attachment update module which is used for updating the attachments according to editorial content, wherein the editorial content comes from the task platform and/or the external platform; and an attachment distribution module which is used for distributing the updated attachments to a task member platform. According to the attachment management system and method of the invention, with the task adopted as a clue, relevant documents scattered in emails, IM applications and cloud storage are aggregated together, and the aggregated documents and the attachments in the task system form an attachment set, and the attachment set can be directly downloaded, and can be also distributed through the emails and the IM applications; and systematic and efficient management can be carried out through a task and project management system.




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