Remote sensing image cloud detection method based on adaptive shape dark channel



The invention discloses a remote sensing image cloud detection method based on an adaptive shape dark channel, which is used for solving the current problems in the prior art that the calculation amount is big, the complexity is high and the detection result is not accurate. The remote sensing image cloud detection method comprises steps of segmenting an RGB remote sensing cloud image to be detected into a plurality of irregular superpixel blocks, performing marking on the segmentation result, performing adaptive shape dark channel processing on the remote sensing image to be detected by combining with the mark to obtain a grey-scale map, performing binary processing and morphological processing on the grey-scale map, performing guiding filtering processing on the binary image after morphological processing to obtain a filtered grey-scale map, performing secondary binary processing and secondary morphological processing on the filtered grey scale image to obtain a final cloud detection result. The remote sensing image cloud detection method is simple in process, and substantial in detection effect, can be used for the pre-processing process of the remote sensing image, and can realize the rejection, classification and follow-up target identification on the remote sensing image.




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