Method for increasing cell transfection ratio of superparamagnetic gene carrier through uniform magnetic field



The invention relates to a method for increasing the cell transfection ratio of a superparamagnetic gene carrier through a uniform magnetic field. The method comprises the following steps: adding a superparamagnetic carrier carrying genes into culture cell solution under the uniform magnetic field; vibrating slightly till the carrier is uniformly dispersed into the culture solution; putting a culture container under the uniform magnetic field; uniformly driving the superparamagnetic carrier carrying the genes onto the surfaces of cells (including adherent culture or suspension culture cells) in the culture container under the action of uniform magnetic field force, so that all cells in a system have equal opportunities and contact the superparamagnetic carrier carrying genes. By adopting the method, the carrier concentration of the genes is used at a minimum amount, and highest gene transfection efficiency is achieved; meanwhile, the toxicity of a high-concentration superparamagnetic gene carrier on the cells is lowered. The method has the advantages of easiness, convenience, safety, reusability and the like, and has a wide application prospect.




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