Household line information monitoring and clod data processing system



The invention proposes a household line information monitoring and clod data processing system, and the system aims at collecting various types of information of a household line and carrying out safety detection, so as to guarantee the household electrical safety; carrying out the data detection (harmonic, current and temperature) based on a conventional power utilization data record; transmitting the data to a cloud side through a network for data recording and storage; carrying out the comparison and analysis of the detected data through the technology of big data processing; and finally feeding back information to a user, so as to indicate the condition of the household line. In addition, the technology of big data processing facilitates the setting of different electricity prices in different time periods for different power utilization amounts in different time periods, and some punitive measures are properly employed for nonlinear users for the household power utilization amounts of customers who are different in power utilization amounts through combining harmonic metering data, thereby facilitating the guarantee of the legitimate interests of an electric power department and the linear users. Through the adjustment of the electric amounts at a peak stage at good price, the system saves the energy, and enables the utilization of energy to tend to be reasonable.




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