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US-9424516-B2: Comprehensive human computation framework patent, US-9424599-B2: Proximity device and method for bundling of products and/or services patent, US-9426146-B2: Digital certificate issuer-correlated digital signature verification patent, US-9428656-B2: Methods for manufacturing curable inks for digital offset printing applications and the inks made therefrom patent, US-9429907-B2: Image forming apparatus having spacing configuration for process cartridge patent, US-9431019-B2: Apparatus for decoding a signal comprising transients using a combining unit and a mixer patent, US-9431493-B2: Methods of forming charge-trapping regions patent, US-9431949-B2: Induction motor speed estimation patent, US-9433725-B2: Combined coaxial and bimanual irrigation/aspiration apparatus patent, US-9434891-B2: Apparatus for recovering oligomerate patent, US-9435185-B2: Subsea technique for promoting fluid flow patent, US-9436385-B2: Invocation control over keyboard user interface patent, US-9437493-B2: Method of forming a semiconductor die patent, US-9437631-B2: Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method of the same, and electronic apparatus patent, US-9439150-B2: Control of spectral agressors in a physiological signal montoring device patent, US-9439726-B2: Methods for therapeutic renal neuromodulation patent, US-9439993-B2: Apparatus for delivering a volatile material patent, US-9440960-B2: Substituted oxetanes and their use as inhibitors of cathepsin C patent, US-9444582-B2: Transmitter and receiver for broadcasting data and providing incremental redundancy patent, US-9445686-B2: Liquid beverage dispenser patent, US-9445811-B2: Knife bar for surgical instrument patent, US-9448245-B2: Specimen transportation system patent, US-9448601-B1: Modular mass storage system with controller patent, US-9449311-B2: Methods and systems for facilitating transactions using badges patent, US-9450625-B2: Methods, systems, and non-transitory computer readable media for wideband frequency and bandwidth tunable filtering patent, US-9452204-B2: Chimeric peptides comprising HER-2 B-cell epitopes and Tcell helper epitopes patent, US-9452283-B2: Cuff electrode with integrated tendril patent, US-9453978-B2: Optical module patent, US-9454989-B1: Disk drive adjusting estimated servo state to compensate for transient when crossing a servo zone boundary patent, US-9455805-B2: Method and apparatus for wireless communications patent, US-9456935-B2: Absorbent articles comprising raised barriers patent, US-9457302-B2: Acoustophoretic device with piezoelectric transducer array patent, US-9459874-B2: Instruction set architecture-based inter-sequencer communications with a heterogeneous resource patent, US-9460491-B2: Method for binary to contone conversion with non-solid edge detection patent, US-9463417-B2: Low emission power generation systems and methods incorporating carbon dioxide separation patent, US-9466401-B1: Tritium direct conversion semiconductor device patent, US-9467117-B2: Ladder-type elastic wave filter and antenna duplexer using same patent, US-9468502-B2: Patient specific implant positioning patent, US-9468702-B2: Tissue repair implant patent, US-9468850-B2: System and method for optical player tracking in sports venues patent, US-9469469-B2: Housing for encasing an object having a thin profile patent, US-9475827-B2: Tris(trimethyl siloxyl)silane vinylic monomers and uses thereof patent, US-9476113-B1: Thermomechanical methodology for stabilizing shape memory alloy (SMA) response patent, US-9476825-B2: Optical imaging system with multiple imaging channel optical sensing patent, US-9478593-B2: Light-emitting module and light-emitting device patent, US-9479020-B2: Electric machine with stator's welded-side pitch less that rotor's pitch patent, US-9479922-B2: Provisioning a plurality of computing devices patent, US-9480402-B2: System and method for task-less mapping of brain activity patent, US-9480624-B2: Vial adapter and system patent, US-9481068-B2: Low speed high feed grinder patent, US-9482003-B2: Insulated concrete masonry system patent, US-9483269-B2: Hardware based run-time instrumentation facility for managed run-times patent, US-9485051-B2: Facilitation of security employing a femto cell access point patent, US-9485656-B2: System and method for handset operation in a wireless communication network patent, US-9486167-B2: Interchangeable cases for biometric monitoring devices patent, US-9492130-B2: System for improved tissue-handling and in line analysis of the tissue patent, US-9492273-B2: Replacement cardiac valves and methods of use and manufacture patent, US-9492702-B1: Strength training apparatuses patent, US-9492888-B2: Welding position detecting apparatus and welding position detecting method for laser beam welding patent, US-9493241-B2: Lattice panel structure and method patent, US-9493476-B2: Macrocyclic compounds as trk kinase inhibitors patent, US-9494294-B2: Modular indirect troffer patent, US-9495165-B2: Method and apparatus for performing a shift and exclusive or operation in a single instruction patent, US-9496149-B2: Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same patent, CN-104360233-A: Four-circuit power transmission line fault distance measurement method based on same-sequence and zero-sequence components patent, US-9496818-B2: Motor driving apparatus with abnormality detection function patent, US-9496832-B2: Performance of off-chip connection for power amplifier patent, US-9498145-B2: Cardiac event monitoring system patent, US-9498254-B2: Bottom-loading bone anchor assemblies patent, US-9498742-B2: Filtration material for filters, and filter cartridge patent, US-9499334-B2: Modular shipping apparatus and system patent, US-9502234-B2: Methods to prepare silicon-containing films patent, US-9504924-B2: Reducing radius slide feature patent, US-9507898-B2: Identification of mistimed forcing of values in design simulation patent, US-9508501-B2: Two terminal arc suppressor patent, US-9508792-B2: Semiconductor device including an electric field buffer layer and method for manufacturing same patent, US-9509060-B2: Open waveguide beamforming antenna for radio frequency identification reader patent, US-9510226-B2: Information acquiring method and base station patent, US-9512145-B2: Porous reactive framework patent, US-9513258-B2: Fault detection for pipelines patent, US-9515353-B2: Non-aqueous electrolyte battery patent, US-9515774-B2: Energy-efficient wireless communications via feedback patent, US-9518261-B2: Modulation of enhancer RNA mediated gene expression patent, US-9518437-B2: Modular downhole tool patent, US-9519361-B2: Active stylus patent, US-9520873-B2: Semiconductor device and electronic device patent, US-9521997-B2: Methods and devices for tissue retraction patent, US-9522690-B2: Equipment trolley patent, US-9523485-B2: Outdoor lighting fixtures and related systems and methods patent, US-9523732-B2: Solar cell characterization system with an automated continuous neutral density filter patent, US-9526520-B2: Surgical access method and assembly including sleeve and port patent, US-9529421-B2: Server for photographing apparatus and method of providing status notification of photographing apparatus patent, US-9529701-B2: Performance testing of software applications patent, US-9532817-B2: Intramedullary nail having self-retaining compression slot patent, US-9533629-B2: Combination splash seal and wear bar patent, US-9533721-B2: Platform trailer with reinforced neck patent, US-9533891-B2: Washing method of goethite-containing red mud patent, US-9534493-B2: Pressure measurement cell for use in an infusion or injection system patent, US-9535100-B2: Beam imaging sensor and method for using same patent, US-9535231-B2: Optical fiber assembly patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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